Central bus station to relocate to unfinished BAS location in Novi Beograd

It took five and a half years for the Prokop railway station to become a central station once the main station building was completed. Now, it seems that public transport history will be repeating itself with the new central bus station – Belgrade Bus Station (BAS) – which still doesn’t have a central building but will become operational in January 2024.

The new bus station will be located in Novi Beograd, in Block 42.

The outgoing Belgrade mayor, Aleksandar Šapić, has visited the construction site of the new bus station and confirmed that the old central bus station will become defunct in January 2024 when all the traffic will be redirected to the new station.

He added that the goal was to make the most practical and functional station in Europe and noted that the infrastructural segments of the new station – like the station building – would take another year or two to finish.

Passengers will be able to buy their tickets at an ancillary building, located in the corridor between the future bus station and the Novi Beograd Rail Station.
The new bus station currently has station platforms and canopies built. The rest of the complex is still under construction.

(eKapija, 07.11.2023)


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