Census results – Serbia lost nearly half a million people in last 11 years

The first results of the 2022 Census indicate that 6,690,887 people live in the Republic of Serbia.

When compared with the 2011 Census, the total population fell by 495,975, i.e. by 6.9%. All regions have lost population except for Belgrade where the population grew by 1.6%, according to the website of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia.

The biggest population growth was recorded in the Belgrade municipality of Zvezdara, Novi Sad and Novi Pazar. The biggest drop was recorded in Crna Trava, Gadzin Han, Rekovac and Babusnica.

According to Miladin Kovacevic, the director of the Statistical Office, 6,472,570 people were directly enumerated, and 218,317 were added from administrative records, Blic reported.

He added that, in larger cities, especially in Belgrade, there were higher rates of those not enumerated than planned.

“This is the first census where the census enumerators used laptops for the census and probably the last one carried out through the direct surveying of the residents in the field”, Kovacevic said.

During the 2022 census data was collected on 2,520,854 households and 3,628,175 apartments. No significant change was observed in the total number of households (growth of 1.33%), while the total number of apartments was up by 12.26% relative to the 2011 Census. The largest increase in the number of apartments was recorded in Beograd (18.55%).

The Census was carried out from 1 to 31 October 2022. Field data collection was extended in several towns up to 7 November. Telephone enumeration was enabled up to 17 November 2022 for citizens who, for whatever reason, were not enumerated. The Census did not include the territory of Kosovo and Metohija.

(Biznis i Finansije, 21.12.2022)


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