CEFTA: Serbia proposes new voting system

Serbia has been negotiating with other CEFTA members about changing the voting system in the organization with the goal of avoiding the current practice of one country having a right to veto another country when voting about important treaties.

So far, all the decisions in the CEFTA had to be made via a consensus of all member states, while Serbia’s new proposal is to have a new voting format, i.e. consensus minus 1.

Serbian Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Rasim Ljajic says that, in that way, the CEFTA member states would not be able to block each other when it comes to signing of important treaties if, for instance, two countries are involved in a conflict of sorts.

“We want a different format, i.e. consensus minus 1, in decision making. This would also expedite the process of decision making and would also be a preventive measure in terms of certain countries not enforcing non-custom barriers”, Ljajic explains.

Also, the CEFTA members are discussing acknowledging each other diplomas which would facilitate free flow of workforce in the Western Balkan countries. The goal is to have mutual recognition of all diplomas of higher learning institutions in the regional countries.

Speaking about the free flow of goods, Ljajic said that the Serbian citizens will feel the benefits of certain decisions, made at the recent Western Balkan Leaders Summit in Trieste pertaining to the customs union, by the end of this and the beginning of  next year.

He says that the said decisions pertain to relaxing procedures of exporting Serbian goods in the region which will drastically reduce the waiting time at border crossings.

(eKapija, 29.07.2017)



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