Catastrophic results of high school students in the baccalaureate pilot test

High school students showed disastrous knowledge in the first baccalaureate pilot examination which took place in late October last year.

On average, the gymnasium students managed to solve only 2 out of 20 Math tasks, while students of vocational high schools managed to do only 1.

In the Serbian language test, students answered on average 35% of the questions correctly and vocational school students 20%, which, according to the authorities, is below the expected level.

Although some schools say that this is a realistic picture of students’ knowledge if they did not properly prepare or did not do their homework properly in the last two years. The authorities say that the students’ results “do not show the true situation and the whole thing should be seen solely in the context of the first pilot”, but they do not hide the fact that the first test “gave significant insights into the level of knowledge”.

Hungarian-speaking students did the best in the mother tongue tests (on average they solved 65% of the tasks correctly), followed by English (50%), history and geography, physics (30%), biology (27%) and chemistry (24%).

Students of vocational high schools took the written part of the vocational examination in addition to the mother tongue, literature and mathematics examination. Medical students, namely OBGYN nurses, performed the best and had the highest percentage of correct answers, around 60%.

This was followed by nurses-educators (51%), paediatric nurses (48%), culinary technicians (38%) and printing technicians (37%). Electrical engineering students took a single test on which, on average, they answered one-third of the questions correctly. The poorest performers were construction technicians, who on average did only 1/7 of the tasks correctly in the written part of the vocational examination.

(Danas, 13.04.2021)


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