Carta Serbica return programme for Serbs living abroad presented

Yesterday, the Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, handed the US citizen of Serbian origin Aleksandar Zurovac, who returned to Serbia with his family as part of the Carta Serbica programme, a thank you note and wished him and his family an official welcome to Serbia.

Under the new Carta Serbica programme, foreign nationals with Serbian roots who were born abroad or have left Serbia due to various circumstances and renounced Serbian citizenship can obtain a one-year residence permit in Serbia and apply for citizenship, PM Ana Brnabić said.

Presenting the programme, Brnabić said it also included additional incentives, such as tax and customs-related incentives and the possibility of obtaining mortgage loans to non-residents in collaboration with the Poštanska Štedionica Bank.

The Prime Minister also said the Carta Serbica programme was inspired by a similar campaign in Poland and its aim is to help all people with Serbian roots who are citizens of other countries to legally reside in Serbia.

The programme is implemented by the Point of Return organization.

The organisation’s director Ivan Brkljač said all second- or third-generation expats born abroad and people displaced during the wars in the former Yugoslavia, as well as those who had to renounce Serbian citizenship due to certain circumstances were eligible to participate in the programme.

(Euronews, 09.08.2022)

Photo credits: Tanjug

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