CarGo: We’ll take it to streets if threats and pressures on us continue

CarGo said today that if the state institutions continued to pressure and threaten them, and hinder their work, they would launch a street protest.

This company, which runs a taxi service similar to Uber, announced that it has formed a citizen association under the same name in order to be able to practice its business which is now registered under the “innovative roadside assistance” category, and to harmonize its business with the Passenger Transport Act.

The Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure today noted that “the company has been engaging in transport of passengers in Serbia in a manner contrary to the law, and that it continues to do the same now, albeit under the umbrella of a citizen association which is a naive attempt to violate the Road Transport and Road Traffic laws, and find holes in them”.

In response, CarGo said that “minister Zorana Mihajlovic and her ministry are naive if they think they can attack the citizens in order to protect their financiers and head of the taxi cartel”.

The company went on to say that the Ministry of Transport “has not given up on its intention to shut down CarGo, and leave the market to be shared among its partners”.

The CarGo Citizens Association’s activity is registered as “innovative road assistance” rather “passenger transport”, and the CarGo application can now only be used by members of that association.

“We ask the ministry whether they will ban us for driving our friends, too?” CarGo wonders.

CarGo asked the Minister of Transport, Construction and Infrastructure, Zorana Mihajlovic and the top Belgrade officials to explain why are they “protecting foreign companies while continuously trying to shut down a Serbian one”.

“Your partner, Yandex pays taxes in Amsterdam and takes the money of Serbian citizens out of the country, while, on the other hand, CarGo is a domestic company and any money generated here, stays here”, CarGo said, adding that it has received a lot of support from ordinary citizens and encouragement to keep going.

(, Beta, 07.02.2019)



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