CarGo to be launched in Novi Sad in 2020

In early 2020, CarGo plans to launch in Novi Sad, the company’s CEO, Vuk Guberininc, said at the OMGcommerce conference, organized by Netokracija.

He pointed out that the idea was for the passenger transport app to operate as a service for the whole Balkans, but also in other cities in Serbia. The plan is also to launch the app in France and in Vienna.

He added that another idea was for a digital payment app, Car Go Pay service and CarGo Fresh, a model for the delivery of food and smaller packages, to be developed in the future too.

One million service users as another important target

Asked to sum up his entrepreneurial experience in the four years the company has been operating, Guberinic said that he was confident of success, although unlike other countries, it has taken much longer because digital service expansions are much faster:

“Now, looking back, it was a good experience at first, but I have to say that we quickly forgot about it because in the last two years we have had to face many difficult challenges and negative connotations that, again, have influenced the growth of the business. However, from day one we have tried to bring out the positive things because we are all convinced that CarGo as a service and system brings many positive things to society.

Guberinic was also asked how difficult it was to fight this battle for users, he underlined that the process is very difficult and that blockages from both the state and society are often difficult to overcome and resolve:

“My team and I have seen it all as a new step that we have to take to succeed. From this point of view, we have always tried to find solutions to the pressures we were facing. Also, the taxi drivers’ strike (both the first and the second) helped us a lot on the public relations side, but it was a hell that we all went through together. However, the end result is something to be proud of, which is that many people have decided to try to use our service.

CarGo in Novi Sad in March next year

CarGo is now focusing on expanding into other foreign markets, such as Austria and France.

“The French contacted us because they wanted to have an alternative to our application, so we expect the service to be launched soon there as well as in Vienna. For us, the idea is to function as a service for all the Balkans and other cities in Serbia.

Commenting on the development and future launch of CarGo Pay Service service, Guberinic says that the entire team decided to escape the daily chaos and find a new creative solution. As he says, the idea is to take the next big step beyond the app itself, which is to allow users to make digital payments.

“Our idea is to create a digital “wallet” with which you can pay for any service, via scanning a QR code or even interacting with offline stores. Our mission is to be part of the market for receiving and sending money from abroad,” Guberinic concludes.

(Netokracija, 25.11.2019)


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