Cardio surgeons from Niš operated free of charge and on weekends to reduce waiting lists

As of today, there are no waiting lists at the Cardiac Surgery Clinic of the University Clinical Centre in Niš and no patient will wait for surgery for more than five to 15 days.

As of Monday, the clinic is returning to its regular operating mode, the director of this institution, Dragan Milić, revealed. According to him, there will no longer be a long wait for operations.

The initiator of this campaign, during which surgeons operated on weekends free of charge to reduce waiting lists, is a young, exceptional specialist who has two specializations – in transfusion and haematology. In the last 13 years, he introduced and applied a large number of new methods that dramatically improved clinical work and treatment results.

“After almost 100 days of incessant work and 12 consecutive working weekends, the goal set by our Clinic to eliminate all waiting lists for cardiovascular operations has been achieved”, Milić wrote on Facebook.

He also says that the waiting list, which had 149 patients at the beginning of this year, is now been turned into an appointment list that now has 42 patients.

“In these 100 days, we performed a total of 248 operations, compared to the same period last year, when we did 117 surgeries. An incredible 98 operations were performed in March of this year alone,” Milić pointed out.

“Unfortunately, the number of hygienists and paramedics has decreased compared to last year, which can potentially seriously jeopardize the results of our work and the fact that our clinic has almost no postoperative infections. The number of anaesthetists has also decreased”, Milić warns.

“I’m proud of the entire staff of the clinic who persevered and endured this extremely fast pace and fulfilled the promise made to eliminate waiting lists. Since the weekend work was not paid, they proved that there are more important things than money – and that is caring for the patient – i.e. caring for those people we live with, whom we may meet in the city and are not even aware that they need help,” Milić adds.

(Blic, 10.04.2023)

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