Car registration more expensive as of December 1

The Serbian government has determined the maximum amount of local utility taxes for vehicles with its latest decree, so taxes for passenger vehicles from December 1 will range from 710 to 7,110 dinars, depending on the vehicle category.

With this latest increase, owners of cars with over 3,000 cubic metre engines, as well as owners of trucks will be taxed the most.

While on the one hand, for vehicles with 1,200cc engines, this tax increase will amount to only 130 dinars, the owners of cars with stronger engines (over 3,000 cubic meters, e.g. BMW 530 produced in 2011), will pay 1,300 dinars more in taxes as of December 1.

So, for instance, if you have a used Fiat Punto, produced in 2018, with a 1240cc petrol engine and an engine power of 51/69 (kW/HP), your car registration will cost you between 17,414 dinars to 20,944 dinars.

Similarly, for a ten-year-old Opel Corsa model D, 1.3 ctdi, registration will cost between 20,331 dinars and 23,870 dinars, while, for example, registration of Volkswagen Golf 5, with a 1598cc engine and engine power of 77/105 (kW/HP), produced in 2008, the basic registration will range from 22,282 dinars to 26,101 dinars.

(Blic, 16.11.2022)

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