Cancer-inducing acrylamide found in a brand of Serbian crisps

At the Croatian border, a high level of carcinogenic acrylamide was detected in pepper-flavoured crisps produced in Serbia it was announced on the website of the European Commission.

Referring to the Croatian State Inspectorate, this was a 150-gram package of ribbed crisps with paprika flavour produced by Chips Way from Čačak, series L28062023 (L280623 A09:31).

After this information came to light, the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture announced that they have sent inspectors to inspect the plant that produced the disputed crisps.

The product did not enter the Croatian market and was safely destroyed, reports H1 from Zagreb.

Acrylamide cannot be found in fresh food and is mainly formed during food processing at temperatures above 120 degrees Celsius, as well as at low humidity, which means baking, frying and other forms of preparation.

It is commonly found in bread, French fries, potato chips, breakfast cereals, biscuits, crackers and coffee.

This compound was investigated in more detail and found in certain foods in 2002 in Sweden.

Since then, the public has been warned about its consequences, and of particular concern is the link to some forms of cancer. Acrylamide is converted in the body to glycidamide, which causes mutations and damages DNA. As stated by the Croatian Food Agency, it is estimated that the presence of acrylamide in food can increase the risk of developing cancer in all age groups.

(Danas, 05.08.2023)

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