Can we expect new protests in Serbia in 2020?

After a long break, the #1in5 million protesters have gathered again in Kragujevac and Majdanpek. In Novi Sad, the Alliance for Serbia has been holding protests for quite some time, while in Belgrade, the protest continues to be organized by the #1 in 5 million association.

Valentina Rekovic, one of the organizers of the protests in Belgrade, said today that resuming demonstrations in Kragujevac and Majdanpek shows that the protests in Belgrade have had an impact on the rest of the country.

“When the cities and municipalities of Serbia woke up after the protests in Belgrade in 2018, nobody expected their number to reach 100. The renewed protests in Majdanpek and Kragujevac indicate that the persistence and determination of the protests in Belgrade can still be felt in the smaller cities and that the rebellion from 2018 and 2019 has spilt over into the whole of Serbia. The protesters from Majdanpek and Kragujevac have contacted the #1 in 5 million movement and we said that we would be there for anyone who wanted to raise their voice against this regime and system. We will be there for anyone who thinks freely and raises their voice for change,” says Rekovic.

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When asked whether the resumption of these protests is part of a plan to give the demonstrations in the rest of the country a boost, Rekovic says that the only strategy that the #1 in 5 million movement has is to maintain the protests until the system is changed or at least modified.

Meanwhile, the 58th protest was also announced in Belgrade on Saturday, January 11th. There will also be protests again in Kragujevac, and the first protest in Majdanpek, after a year’s hiatus, was also announced last night.

The protests in Kragujevac stopped on October 5, 2019, after the 40th rally. The first protest in Kragujevac took place on January 5 last year when about 3,000 people took to the streets.

The biggest protests took place on February 16, following the arrest of Slobodan Stefanovic in Kragujevac, who was carrying a mock-up of gallows the silhouette of a pensioner attached to the end of the noose.

(Danas, 09.01.2020)

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