Can foreign nationals in Serbia get the anti-COVID vaccine too?

More than 512,000 people in Serbia have been immunized against the coronavirus by February 5, of which 4,000 are foreign nationals, and the vaccine can only be received via appointment.

Foreign nationals living in Serbia can get the anti-COVID vaccine but first, they need to register by calling the phone number 0800 222 334 between 8 am to 8 pm every day.

They can also fill out a simple questionnaire on e-uprava website ( ), in which, in addition to personal data, you can also choose which of the offered vaccines you want to receive.

Serbian health authorities claim that the country ranks second in Europe, after Great Britain, in terms of the number of vaccinated people per million inhabitants.

“The main reason for our success is that we had the opportunity to procure vaccines from around the world,” said the Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, in an interview for the German magazine Focus. Explaining how Serbia has so far vaccinated a higher proportion of the population than any other EU country, Brnabić also said: “At no point did we politicize vaccines, nor did the country of origin play any role, if the vaccine was safe. That balance and good partnerships have proven useful in these times. They gave us the opportunity to get vaccines from the West, as well as from our friends in China and Russia. “

Brnabić reminded that Serbia first concluded a contract with BioNTech/Pfizer and received the first delivery from them, but she also underlined that Russia and China, in addition to the EU, provided “enormous support” for Serbia in that sense. “The pandemic is about saving lives, not geopolitics. If vaccines are available and we can get them, then it is our obligation to do so in the best interest of our citizens,” she concluded.

Like other German media, Focus was interested in the right of citizens to choose which vaccine they want. “Everyone has a different feeling about the types and origins of vaccines,” Brnabić said, calling the right to choose “one-of-a-kind freedom”.

(Danas, DW, 06.02.2021)



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