Calzedonia to employ 300 people in Kikinda

The Italian company, Calzedonia is supposed to officially open its new production facility in Kikinda at the beginning of next year. The company also plans to hire 300 workers by the end of 2019 to work in the facility.

The construction works on the new future facility, located in the new industrial zone in Kikinda and spanning 4,500 square metres, are finished with the forty workers currently being trained in Subotica. They will start working at the factory in early 2019. The plan is for more workers to be hired gradually so that the factory has a total of 300 workers by the end of next year.

“We are looking for tailors, production line operators, which entails sitting at lined-up sewing machines, as well as workers for in the packaging, ironing and supervision segment. We need mechanics and warehouse workers and we will soon place a job ad for the position of a technical secretary who would perform administrative tasks”, the head of the HR sector at Calzedonia, Sandra Pejic, says.

The Kikinda facility will produce light clothes, such as T-shirts, undershirts and tights. More information about the number and the profile of workers that Calzedonia needs is available at the local job office.

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“We are very satisfied with the work performed by both job candidates and the employees. At no point did we doubt the quality of the workforce, which is one of the reasons why we’ve opted to build the factory in Kikinda. We have good experience with the local people”, Pejic added.

Calzedonia currently has factories in Sombor and Subotica, with around 3,000 workers, whereas facilities in Kikinda and Kula are being completed simultaneously. The local government in Kikinda sold 3.3 hectares of land in the new industrial zone to the Group for around 12 million dinars.

(RTV, 07.11.2018)



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