Čadež: “The Open Balkans initiative is crucial for the survival of the regional economy”

“The Open Balkans (Otvoreni Balkan) initiative is a process that is crucial for the survival of the economy and jobs in Serbia,” says the president of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Marko Čadež, announcing that as of next year, Serbia, Albania and North Macedonia will use a single work permit and information system for the citizens of the three countries.

“President Vučić has already had meetings with Edi Rama in Glasgow on the sidelines of the regional cooperation conference. Yesterday, the Prime Minister of Montenegro came to Belgrade to discuss this issue. We are working on promoting regional cooperation and the regional economic space,” Čadež said.

“We have problems with the workforce. The labour market is becoming really problematic. We need to find ways to expand the business and do new business and we need to have a space where we can do the work and people with whom we can do this work,” Čadež said.

He underlined that the Serbian President’s idea is to “cooperate and make sure that we live as one economy”. “Transport costs are growing. Considering this, and under the auspices of the Open Balkans initiative, we have already shortened the road transport route between these three countries. Now, it takes a truck one day to cover the distance between Albania and Serbia. This has really saved the companies quite a bit of money,” Čadež added.

(Politika, 04.11.2021)



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