Businesses in Serbia paid 148bn dinars in levies

During 2019, companies in Serbia paid almost 148 billion dinars for the 20 of the most important non-taxable levies, according to the annual report compiled by NALED on the quality of the regulatory environment called the Regulatory Index of Serbia (RIS).

As pointed out, this is twice as much as in 2016, when 73 billion dinars were set aside for the 20 biggest charges. Most of the money, almost 75 billion dinars, went to the state budget (50.7%). Cities and municipalities earned more than 39 billion dinars (26.4%) from the payment of non-taxable levies, the Vojvodinian budget 7.6 billion and other state budget beneficiaries 26 billion dinars.

As stated, in addition to the financial burden, the number of these levies is also a problem both for the citizens and businesses.

“There are 1,189 non-taxable levies at the national level, as listed by KPMG and NALED within under the auspices of the project of reforming non-tax revenues supported by USAID,” said Igor Loncarevic, partner at KPMG and vice-president of the Alliance for Fair Competition at NALED.

When you add to this a large number of levies prescribed by local governments, the province, public companies and various other entities, it is no wonder that citizens and businesses don’t understand what exactly they have to pay.

“They will continue to be confused unless we list all the levies, in a simple way and in one place, in the electronic public register of non-taxable levies,” he added. “We will start compiling the register of state and local administrative fees, and later we will add fees and other levies charged by other entities,” Loncarevic concluded.

(N1, 15.03.2021)



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