Bulgaria’s Minimet Commodities starts constructing a factory in Kovin

With a nearly two-year delay due to the epidemic, the Bulgarian company Minimet Commodities started building a sheet metal factory in the industrial zone near the village of Kovin in Vojvodina.

The investment is worth around EUR 8 million and will create 250 jobs, of which 130 will be college graduates.

The first phase of the works entails the construction of a facility spanning 2,500 square meters, where two lines for cutting and shaping (profiling) of sheet metal will be located. Initially, 50 workers will be hired there, and the production of sheet metal is planned to begin in May or June next year. The second and final phase entails the construction of a facility for the galvanization of sheet metal, which will become operational in 2024.

The investor has already hinted that the salaries at the factory will be higher than average in Serbia and that the workers will earn around EUR 1,000.

“Our workers will have a much higher salary than the average salary in this region. The monthly gross salary will reach up to EUR 1,500, but that will certainly depend on the volume of our production and, primarily, the market situation,” said Valentin Zahariev, a representative of the Belgrade office of Minimet Commodities.

The Bulgarian company picked Kovin due to its favourable investment environment, but also the proximity of the steel mill and the port in Smederevo and Corridors 7 and 10, as well as to important transportation routes. The local government sold the company a land plot spanning 8 hectares which is located in the industrial zone’s block 117.

(eKapija, 13.10.2021)



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