Bulgarian businessman to open a 15mln euro factory in Kovin

By the end of 2019, the Municipality of Kovin, Vojvodina should be getting a new production facility worth around 15 million euro that will process steel sheets.

The plant will also have 300 workers, half of which will be university graduates.

The agreement between the Municipality of Kovin and Bulgarian investor Petar Zahariev stipulating the sale of eight hectares of municipal land in the Kovin Industrial Zone, where the plant will be constructed, has been signed.

The Belgrade-based company Minimet Commodities, owned by Zahariev, has chosen Kovin thanks to the favorable environment for investors, the proximity of the Smederevo steel mill and its location on the Danube River, which is an important transportation route.

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“The plant will be built in two stages. The first one, to be completed by the end of the year, will have the annual capacity of 400,000 tonnes and consist of two cutting lines for hot-rolled steel sheets and one for cold-rolled sheets. In the second phase, two galvanized sheet metal lines and one painted sheet metal line will be constructed, of a total capacity of 380,000 tonnes a year. The second phase will have been completed by the end of 2020”, says Zahariev.

Eight hectares of municipal land in Kovin’s industrial zone were sold for close to 380,000 euro but more importantly, the investor plans to employ a number of university graduates.

“Considering a high number of unemployed people and numerous young people moving out of the municipality, and the fact that Kovin is one of the most undeveloped municipalities, this investment is of great importance. A total of 300 people will be employed here, of which 130 with a university degree, which will help prevent the problem of young people leaving Kovin, while inciting those who have already left to come back”, says Sanja Petrovic, the president of the Municipality of Kovin.

The investor and the local government point out that it is very important that the future facilities will feature the latest technology with strong ecological features, in line with the Serbian regulations.

(RTV, 10.01.2019)



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