Bulgaria blocking Turkish Stream project

The Bulgarians have suspended the tender for construction of a gas pipeline to the border with Serbia. The official reason is that a domestic company objected to the terms and conditions of public procurement, while experts claim that Turkish Stream will not share the same destiny as the South Stream gas pipeline.

Turkish Stream is again facing a new challenge following Bulgaria’s Bulgartransgas temporarily suspending the tender for construction of the gas pipeline stretching from compressor station Nova Provadia to the border with Serbia. All of this could delay the beginning of the installation of the pipes of the main gas pipeline.

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As Bulgaria was also responsible for stopping the South Stream project, this news was not welcomed in Serbia. Experts, however, say that this situation should not affect the destiny of the Turkish Stream, because the tender has not been suspended for political reasons, but rather due to a complaint lodged by one of the companies that participate in the construction of the gas pipeline. 

To remind, the South Stream project has been stopped due to Europe and America putting political pressure on Bulgaria to leave the project.

According to the Bulgarian media, this tender for the construction of the gas pipeline was suspended due to a complaint lodged by a domestic company. The state-owned company Atomenergoremont, which is engaged in an overhaul of equipment in the Bulgarian power plants, filed a complaint with the Bulgarian Anti-Monopoly Commission. Atomenergoremont disputes the explanations given by Bulgartransgas regarding the ways in which the project is financed.

Tendering will be resumed if the competition regulator denies the request of the Atomenergoremont for suspension of the tender or if it rules in Bulgartransgaz’s favour at the end of the proceedings.

(Vecernje Novosti, 17.02.2019)




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