Building permits now issued faster

On average, it takes Serbian authorities six days to issue a building permit, while, in Belgrade, it takes 14 days. When it comes to issuing location permits, the average wait time is 14 days on the state level, and 26 days in Belgrade – the latest data compiled by the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure shows.

After almost a year and half since its launch, the e-permit system has contributed to reducing the time required for local authorities to issue building permits. To remind, the legal deadline is 28 days, while, for instance, in the towns of Vladimrci and Knic, the local authorities can issue a permit in only one working day.

“The e-permit system is one of the most important reforms that have been launched so far. In 2016 and 2017, we have set a record in terms of the number of issued building permits”, says Darinka Djuran from the Ministry of Construction.

She also adds that it is slightly worrying that it takes the Belgrade authorities 14 days to issue a permit. “Although the city of Belgrade has the strongest administrative capacities for issuing building permits, compared to smaller municipalities and towns, it is twice slower in issuing both building and location permits”, Djuran underlines.

She goes on to say that, together with NALED and USAID, the Ministry will help Belgrade authorities, and particularly its Urban Planning Secretariat, in order to overcome the difficulties they have been encountering in this process.

“We cannot allow for an investor in Belgrade to wait 26 days, on average, to be issued with the location permit, while our Ministry, which is in charge of implementing many important infrastructure projects, can issue it only 12 working days”, Djuran says and adds that Belgrade should be the leader in this process.

The Ministry goes on to say that a total of 48,377 building permit applications had been submitted in 26 Serbian towns, out of which 30,191 had a positive outcome. This means a success rate of 86%. In Belgrade, the success rate in issuing building permits is 70.5%.

(Gde Investirati, 07.08.2017)


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