Building permits: Nis and Krusevac the fastest

Almost 9,000 building permits were issued in Serbia in the last year and a half, and Nis and Krusevac are the two towns that issue the permits the fastest, i.e. in only 8 working days.

This is what the World Bank’s Doing Business list reveals, as well as that, this year, the procedure for issuing a building permit is nine times shorter than last year. The World Bank also estimates that it takes Serbian authorities 11 working days on average to issue a permit. Last year, it was 90 days. The data collated by the Central Registration System in Serbia shows that the average time period for obtaining a building permit in Serbia is only 6 working days.

To remind, the Law on Spatial Planning and Construction stipulates that the deadline for issuing a building permit is eight days, and the statistics show that the towns of Nis and Krusevac adhere to this deadlines. In Belgrade, the average time for obtaining a building permit is 14 days, while in Novi Sad is 22 days.

Jelena Bojovic from the National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED) says that, depending on the local unit, the biggest problem with issuing a permit is communication with public enterprises.

“According to the new law, it is the relevant body, not the company or the individual that applies for the permit, has to obtain a consent from these enterprises. The problem is that public enterprises charge a fee for this service which just prolongs the entire procedure. If it was free of charge, than they would find a way to do it in a much shorter period of time. Hence, we are suggesting for the relevant law to be amended in this segment”, Bojovic adds.

The WB’s Doing Business list also shows that the entire procedure, from obtaining location permit to registering the real estate with the land registry, lasts 156 working days which is twice shorter than last year. Bojovic claims that this procedure is even shorter, and that it lasts about 100 working days on average depending what is being built.

(eKapija, 09.07.2017)


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