Brussels Agreement: Only a fraction of it fulfilled

All the deadlines for the implementation of the so-called Brussels Agreement between Belgrade and Pristina have been exceeded, including the one relating to the work on the Articles of Association of the Community of Serbian Municipalities which was supposed to be done back in December 2015.

Conflicts, lack of understanding and good will, and elections… These are just some of the excuses that official Pristina has been using for not implementing what it had signed. Also, there are judiciary issues that need to be deal with, the issue of the bridge in Kosovska Mitrovica, and those in the segments of energy and telecommunications.

Pristina has failed to implement even a fraction of the Brussels Agreement. Serbia, on the other hand, did implement some of the parts and has shown that it is willing to comprise as seen during the joint meeting of the Serbian and Kosovar Presidents, Aleksandar Vucic and Hashim Thaci respectively and the EU High Commissioner, Federica Mogherini.

“Although, the sides agreed that the judiciary agreement should be fully implemented by 17th October, it is quite possible that this will be prolonged too. The reason for it is the local election in Pristina on 22nd October which is used an excuse to prolong the implementation as long as possible. The Kosovar President, Hashim Thaci is in a very difficult political situation, and could pay the price for not implementing what he had signed”, a source of the Blic daily says.


This is the only area that the two sides have made a serious progress. Late last year, Kosovo was assigned its own dialing code (+383) while Telekom Serbia acquired a license to operate on the entire territory of Kosovo.


According to the Brussels Agreement, Serbia should do more on normalizing the relations between the Kosovo national power company (KOSTT) and Elektromreža Serbia, including the signing of an interconnection agreement, and supporting KOSTT when applying for membership in various European organizations. Serbia is also allowed to set up its own power supply company in Kosovo in line with the Kosovo regulation.

(Blic, 03.09.2017)

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  1. Hannah Montcolly says:

    I get sick and tired of hearing how Serbia needs to compromise and make agreements….Kosovo was taken forcibly from Serbia during the aftermath of an illegal war all of which was in favour of Albania and Albanians…..Serbs have a right by culture and history to be in Kosovo, Albanians are there in control because NATO/USA gave it to them…..wake up…the NATO war of aggression was all about the wealth of minerals that Serbia has and the West wanted….not anything about humanitarian crisis……stop making life so bloody difficult, the West has what it wants… committed the atrocities of war to get it… let Serbs live in their own peace….I doubt anything the West has to say or judge over makes a scrap of difference…….not now, not then, not ever.

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