Brnabić:”We will never accept international investigation into election results”

Outgoing Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić said the government will never accept an international investigation into the December 17 elections, because that would be a “humiliation for the country and a loss of sovereignty.”

This would be “equivalent to occupation,” Brnabić told reporters in Despotovac, central Serbia.

She explained that the presence of foreign observers at the elections, who had been invited by the Serbian Government, “does not constitute a loss of sovereignty,” because this is a democratic practice and they came as guests.

Brnabić said that, for her, the voter roll is “key proof” that there was no election fraud, also because the international observers, especially those representing the European Parliament, signed reports at all polling stations that they went to.

She said the Serbian Government has already written to the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) to say that it is prepared to continue “the so far constructive cooperation,” noting that many of their 2019 recommendations have been fulfilled.

Brnabić said the government will continue cooperating with the ODIHR, but that “an international investigation would be a direct breach of Serbia’s sovereignty.”

“No European Union country would allow an investigation of this kind,” said Brnabić.

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