Brnabic:”Large companies might close down for two weeks”

“We have considered closing big companies for 7 to 14 days. We will do utmost to avoid this measure since these companies are important for the country’s economy,” said Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, to the surprise of many businesspeople.

The large companies in Serbia and the members of the Privrednik Business Club do not yet have information about the possible closure, but they have an idea of what it would mean for their business if this happened. They have heard about this possibility from the media and think it would not be a good move for many companies.

Zoran Drakulic, the owner of the Point Group, says that no-one from government institutions has contacted him about that option and that he does not know whose idea it is, but he hopes that the closure of large companies will not involve production companies, i.e. the factories that are currently operational.

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“If they did close them, it would be a disaster! If the state decides to close our company, it will have to compensate us for our losses,” Drakulic added.

The owner of the Galeb Group, Radoslav Veselinovic, is of the same opinion and hopes that the measure will only apply to companies that, due to the nature of the business, cannot comply with the measures introduced to curb the spread of coronavirus in Serbia.

“The state ordering the closure of companies could cause the total bankruptcy of some companies, and there is a risk of paying penalties for undelivered goods. In our sector, such sanctions can amount to several hundred thousand euro in damages, not to mention the climate of mistrust that we would create in our customers, forcing them to turn to other suppliers and subcontractors. This is certainly an extremely serious measure and should be carefully considered,” concluded Veselinovic.

(Blic, 09.04.2020)


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