Brnabic:”Big new investments are coming to Serbia”

“Foreign investors will continue to announce their investments in Serbia despite the pandemic-induced crisis,” Serbian PM Ana Brnabic said, adding that President Aleksandar Vucic would soon inaugurate a new factory of an extremely important investor by the end of April, that will be opened in a town known for high unemployment and low living standard.

However, the PM refused to specify the location, although hints that given that the town in question could be either Ćuprija or Paraćin.

On the occasion of the investment of the Japanese company, Nidec in Novi Sad, Brnabic underlined that the best signal for other investors to come when Japanese and German investors decide to invest in Serbia.

She noted that German and Japanese investors are coming to countries that have efficient administrations and don’t have corrupted administration.

“This is a great signal for other investors because then they understand that we are a reliable country for doing business,” Brnabic said.

Commenting on Nidec’s investment, the PM also said that Novi Sad has many advantages, apart from a good geographical location, because it has technical colleges, the European Centre of Excellence for Digital Agriculture and the Institute for the Development of Artificial Intelligence.

“The Novi Sad Science and Technology Park is an added bonus for Novi Sad,” Brnabic concluded, saying that Novi Sad is a phenomenal city and that the city’s mayor, Milos Vucevic is pragmatic and fast.

(Srbija Danas, 12.04.2021)


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