Brnabic: I will not be PM if government doesn’t work as team

“Reshuffle is necessary for the government to function as a team, and I want to begin with it as soon as possible, so as not to jeopardize the government’s efficient functioning”, says Serbian Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic.

She adds that she has asked Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic to meet as soon as possible after his return from Brussels, in order to consult him as the president of the strongest political party.

“There are people in government whose egos are too big”, Brnabic adds.

Brnabic told journalists that there were government members who were “overly frustrated”, “not team players”, and were too focused on self-promotion.  

“They are promoting themselves too much , as well as push personal agendas, instead of the government’s,” said Brnabic, adding that the citizens “have had enough of that” and that it might seem that citizens have been serving the government, instead the other way around.  

According to the prime minister, “the government is exists only because of the citizens, and they should not worry about who likes or dislikes whom in the government, and who is fighting with whom.” 

Asked who she had in mind, Brnabic replied that she “had said enough,” and that her first criterion when selecting government members was to have “team players who are working towards a common goal.” 

Earlier in the day, Brnabic told Tanjug that the government would have to function as a team – “without egos and personal agendas.”

Minister of State Administration and Local Government, Branko Ruzic says that the Serbian government is functioning as a team, and that its work can be likened to a football game – if a player fails to give any goals, he has to be replaced.

“I think that nobody is god given to be a minister. It is important that the team gives results, this government is very committed to its work, just like the previous ones”, said Ruzic for Prva TV.

(RTV, 20.03.2018)



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