Brnabic: “We might start introducing COVID passes for nightclubs, bars and restaurants”

Following the government’s Crisis Response Team meeting with the Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic, a statement was issued saying that the most important thing for the people in the country is to be vaccinated (with three doses if possible) and for young people to be vaccinated too. The statement also said that the government is considering introducing a so-called COVID pass.

„These are the measures and there is no need for the Response Team to implement new ones.  People, especially young people, should get vaccinated (…)” Brnabić said.

She also said that Serbia is “preparing for the introduction of the COVID passes.”

„We will make a relevant decision in a few days,” she said but added that the Crisis Response Team agreed to start preparing such passes, which would be valid for those venues that are not considered essential but where there is a high risk of infection, such as nightclubs, bars, cafes and indoor restaurants.

„A total 2,821,060 adult Serbian citizens are vaccinated with one dose, that is 52 percent. 2,707,594 people, which is 50.1 percent, have received the second dose and 318,858 people, which is about six percent, were vaccinated with the third dose,” she said.

(RTV, 12.09.2021)


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