Brnabic: “We have acquired another 90,000 tests; I hope we’re entering the final stage of the fight against the virus”

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said that the government has purchased another 90,000 standard PCR tests for COVID-19, of which 60,000 are for the Clinical Centre of Serbia in Belgrade, while 30,000 will be distributed in southern Serbia, in Niš.

Permits for travel during curfews from yesterday afternoon can be obtained electronically.

Brnabic said there are also more swabs available and that the authorities will start performing even more extensive and thorough checks.

“We are entering, I hope, what would seem to be the beginning of the end in the fight against COVID-19,” she told reporters after signing a donation agreement by the Chinese to build two more state-of-the-art laboratories.

“However, this does not mean that we will soon be able to declare the end of the state of emergency or victory, but this is certainly a part where we know how to fight and resist well,” the PM added.

She reiterated the importance of strict discipline and respect for all government measures, as well as individual measures such as self-isolation and keeping contact to a minimum so as not only to suppress but to completely defeat the virus.

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“We can suppress it, but only individual citizens can kill it permanently,” Brnabic said.

Online curfew permit

Permits for travel during curfews from yesterday afternoon can be obtained online. These are permits for companies, farmers and citizens who take care of others.

“The process will be much more efficient now, and I think from this afternoon we will have an ad hoc system in which you can apply for and obtain permission online,” said the PM.

The system has been developed by the Serbian government in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and the Office for Information Technology.

Brnabic also thanked the Serbian Ombudsman and his team, who suggested the need for permits for citizens who are taking care of another person, and also for all other suggestions regarding the problems that citizens face during the state of emergency.

(RTS, 08.04.2020)

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