Brnabic to Fiat’s workers: Stop the strike and we’ll talk

Serbian PM, Ana Brnabic has appealed to the workers at Fiat, the trade unions and the strike committee to stop the strike so that negotiations could commence. She also said that Serbia, Fiat and the workers themselves have lost a lot during the strike and that not a minute longer should be wasted.

She also said that, as the Prime Minister, she guaranteed the workers that if they made a decision to stop the strike, the negotiations could start within an hour. She added that she, the Economy Minister, Goran Knezevic and Fiat’s management, would all participate in the negotiations.

“We have a lost a lot, the workers have lost their salaries for the time there have been on strike, Fiat has lost production, and suppliers have also lost salaries and work. Serbia is losing every day because the strike affects its GDP, and our export is suffering. We shouldn’t lose a minute longer”, the PM was quoted as saying.

She appealed to Fiat’s workers, the strike committee and the trade unions to decide in a responsible manner.

Brnabic also reminded that it was Fiat’s general policy not to talk to trade unions while the production stoppage was going on.

Furthermore, she said that the company had fully met all the terms and conditions of the collective agreement, and added that, despite what was stipulated in the agreement, the workers decided to go on a strike which means that they have breached the terms and conditions.

“It will be very difficult for us to bring new investors here if they don’t feel safe in terms of workers not honouring collective agreements that is negotiated with trade unions and signed”, Brnabic said.

She added that it was important for the relevant collective agreement with Fiat to be honoured until December, and for the trade unions to sit down with the company’s management to start talking about the next three-year-agreement.

About 2,000 production workers at Fiat Chrysler Automobili’s factory in Kragujevac have decided not to stop their protest and not to commence negotiations with the factory’s management until all of their four demands are met.

Head of the strike committee, Zoran Markovic has confirmed this, and added that the company’s management has been pressuring workers by hinting that the company might leave the country, or they could be left jobless if the company is fined for not adhering to the instructions of the relevant inspection body which ordered the company on 26th June to start negotiations with the workers on strike.

(Blic, 10.07.2017)

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