Brnabic: Tender for selection of strategic partner for RTB Bor in June

Serbian Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic stated yesterday that a tender for the selection of a strategic partner for RTB Bor would be launched in June and that a new mine would open in Bor at the beginning the same month.

“I will visit Bor in early June to attend the opening of the new mine, a big investment by a Canadian company. In June, maybe even earlier, we will also launch the tender for the strategic partner for RTB Bor”, Brnabic told the press in Zajecar following the tour of the town’s brewery, which is owned by the Dutch beer giant, Heineken.

She added that if the tender is successful, it boost the overall economic growth in the country and the employment by at least 1%.

“I hope that finding a strategic partner for RTB Bor will be a driving force, but also encourage companies like Heineken to invest more, open new plants and create new jobs,” Brnabic said.

She pointed out that it is important for companies to cooperate with the education system in Serbia and provide scholarships which would encourage young people to stay in Serbia.

She also noted that not everything was up to the government, but that local self-governments should also give business advice and try to empower small and medium companies and small business owners at the local level.

“I always say – do not wait for the government from Belgrade to bring in foreign investors; there is a possibility that your local entrepreneurs can also invest, but you need to call them and ask what can be done for them,” the prime minister said.

She added that she was trying to spend as much time visiting local governments, not to scold them, but rather to support them.

“This is the best way to hear the problems of local governments and local companies, which would also help the state government in deciding what to do next,” Brnabic said.

Good business climate in Serbia

While visiting the Zajecar brewery, the PM said that the business climate in Serbia was good, which could be seen from the example of Heineken which came to Serbia 10 years ago, and has constantly been expanding its businesss here.

She underlined that during the past ten years, Heineken invested about 200 million euros in Serbia, and that currently employed about 300 people.

“The company has been constantly investing in the brewery for the last two years, and this means a lot to us,” the prime minister said.

She pointed out that the government was also investing heavily in creating a better business environment in Serbia.

“This is measured by our annual position on the World Bank’s Doing Business List on which Serbia has been progressing for the fourth consecutive year. But, more importantly, we see the investors who came here 10 years ago not only continuing doing their business here, but also expanding it. This is a proof that the business climate in Serbia is good”, said Brnabic.

(Politika, 22.05.2018)

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