Brnabic: Startups exempt from paying taxes for two years

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said today that high school and university graduates who launch their own business would be exempt from paying taxes for two years starting with 1st October.

She also said that such incentive was good, regardless of the company succeeding or going under.

“The state will not meddle into your intention to start a new business at minimum costs because, in this way, you are going to learn much more than you would learn if you were working for someone else or were looking for a job”, Brnabic said after visiting the Belgrade Institute of Technology which conducts IT re-training courses.

The PM mentioned Israel as one of the role models in the startup segment. She said that Israel was “the champion in the number of start-ups” with 80% of Israeli students seeing themselves as future entrepreneurs, and setting up their own companies.

When asked by journalists to comment on a study according to which 60% of students in Serbia would prefer working in the state sector after completing their education, she stated that that was the legacy of the past that was slowly but surely changing.

Brnabic expects more young people in Serbia to want to start their own business, rather than to choose working in the state administration or a large private company.

(eKapija, 07.02.2018)

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