Brnabic sceptical of 3% economic growth

“This year’s economic growth cannot be 3%”, said PM Ana Brnabic at a conference organized by the American Chamber of Commerce.

When asked by reporters what were her expectations regarding the economic growth, she refuted the previous IMF’s forecast and said that it would not be 3% as anticipated earlier.

“I would not like to guess the exact percentages, because we have guessed enough, but, truth be told, I just cannot see it how it can be 3% in the end”, she was quoted as saying.

When asked what happened with the government’s growth-inducing measures, the PM said: “We are definitely going to implement some of those projects, because they are in our plan. Although I am not talking about them publicly, we are implementing them”.

She also said that the government and the IMF did not forecast well the growth in infrastructure and construction.

“I cannot tell you the reason why our forecast has been wrong.  The budget funding was as planned and the number of issued construction permits is at its historical high. We are talking to the State Statistical Office to detect the problem and maybe change the statistical sample”, said the prime minister and added that other economic indicators were very good.

(B92, 19.10.2017)


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