Brnabic: “Sapic will be SNS’ candidate for Belgrade mayor”

The Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) Vice President and the Serbian PM, Ana Brnabić, announced yesterday Aleksandar Šapić will be the party’s candidate for mayor of Belgrade.

Brnabić pointed out that Šapić was the first candidate on the “Aleksandar Vučić – Zajedno mozemo sve” electoral list which was given the mandate to continue governing Belgrade in the April 3 elections.

After the presidential session, Brnabić said that the party’s proposal was for Vesna Vidović to be the deputy mayor and also announced significant changes in the composition of the city council and secretariats.

“We expect new energy in the city, and to finish the started projects and start new ones. I am sure that Šapič will present his plan and talk about specific projects at Monday’s meeting,” Brnabic said, adding that the new government’s plans are ambitious and that continuing the construction of the Belgrade subway remains one of the most important projects.

She also said the construction of Linijski Park (the Line Park) is also considered an important project as, once finished, it will be the biggest green area in the city.

Along with several infrastructure projects, the Prime Minister announced the construction of the Ložionica creative centre. “A large number of projects are state-funded, so it is important that the cooperation between the Belgrade and the Serbian governments are good,” she said, expressing confidence that the new team will work in the best possible way and in the best interest of citizens.

(, 16.06.2022)


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