Brnabic: Recognizing Kosovo would not be a compromise

The compromise solution over Kosovo issue must be found; however, neither recognition of its independence, nor insisting that Kosovo belongs to Serbia is a compromise, said prime minister Ana Brnabic.

In the interview for the German newspaper Die Welt, Brnabic underlined that relations with Pristina represent “hard and emotional” question for Serbs. At the same time, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has made “courageous and responsible move by initiating interregional dialogue”, she went on. According to Brnabic, “any talks have been taboo until then”.

„Kosovo was Serbia. Now, we have to find compromise. Serbia will never recognize independent Kosovo. That would not be the compromise. On the other hand, if we would continue to insist that Kosovo belongs to Serbia, compromise would be impossible”, PM said.

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Both sides should „abandon their comfortable zones of engrossed way of thinking, but Pristina did not do that so far”, she underlined, specifying that the Community of Serb Municipalities, stipulated by 2013 Brussels Agreement, has not been established yet.

The number of attacks against Serbs in Kosovo has been increased and that “indicates that the intention of Pristina might be to deport all Serbs” (from Kosovo); however, “Serbia will not allow that”, premier said. “Serbia is ready for talks. But we need a partner in that regard”, Ana Brnabic concluded.

The dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina are to be continued in Brussels on Friday. The two sides will be represented, among other officials, by their presidents – Aleksandar Vucic and Hashim Thaçi.

Regarding the possible entry of Serbia into the European Union in 2025, Brnabic said that it was only an approximate date that was not guaranteed, but a possible date of accession providing Serbia worked efficiently.

Brnabic also said that Europe should not worry about the good relations between Serbia and Russia, because the EU is in Serbia’s strategic, which Russia understands, just as the European Union understands the traditionally close relations between Belgrade and Moscow.

The Serbian prime minister added that the Serbian police and the army were working well with the neighbouring countries and the EU’s border protection agency Frontex in regard to the issue of migrants and would continue to do so.

“During the refugee crisis, we have returned over 40,000 people from the border, who wanted to enter illegally, and we will continue to do so, so any future common migration policy must include the Balkan countries. Provided that the EU common policy is fair and in line with what had been agreed, we would participate in it, “she said.

Brnabic said that there are now 4,000 refugees in Serbia and 500 refugee children are going to Serb schools.

(Novi Magazin, 19.06.2018)




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