Brnabic: People in Serbia will live better in 2018

In a TV interview yesterday, Serbian PM, Ana Brnabic said that the people in Serbia would live better next year in all segments, and that unemployment rate would drop to under 10%.

“The current unemployment rate stands at 12% and it remains high”, Brnabic said, “so, the government will continue investing effort in reducing it under 10% next year”. The PM added that the minimum wage in Serbia went up by 10% this year, and that, as of 1st January next year, the non-taxable part of salaries would be increased from the current 11,970 dinars to 15,000 dinars.

Brnabic touched upon the topic of agriculture, and said that the current government had done a lot for agriculture in Serbia, had managed to get the green light for Serbian farmers to access EU funds, and had obtained a favourable loan that would result in between 2% and 8% of arable land in Serbia being irrigated in the next two years.

Additionally, Brnabic said, the agricultural subsidies were increased. The PM mentioned digitalization as one of a more important process in agriculture thanks to which crop farmers can use free satellite data. This information would show them how fertile their land is, what crop would grow there the best, what problems with the land they could expect, and how they could improve the yield and its quality.

“The United Arab Emirates granted us a loan at 2% annual interest rate and a five-year-grace period. Thanks to this, we will be able to irrigate arable land in Serbia”, the PM mentioned.

She also said that the state would abolish subsidies for raspberry growers and would not guarantee the lowest sales price. But it will help them to form cooperatives and buy cold storage units so that they would become completely independent.

As for the Nikola Tesla Airport concession, the PM said that the state authorities expected to get between 350 million and 450 million EUR for the concession, adding that the concession agreement would be completely transparent.

 (BizLife, 13.12.2017)


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