Brnabić not appointed new Parliament Speaker

The newly-elected Serbian Parliament ended the first day of its constitutive session on Monday without electing its speaker.

Former Prime Minister Ana Brnabic was nominated for speaker but MPs did not vote. Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) MP Milenko Jovanov made the nomination on behalf of the ruling coalition but focused most of his speech on criticism of the opposition.

The nomination was supported by the SNS, the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (SVM), Jedinstvena Srbija party and the Party of United Pensioners (PUPS), while Serbia Against Violence coalition, the New Democratic Party of Serbia and We – the Voice of People Movement were against it.

Ruling party and opposition MPs traded blame for problems facing the country and its society. Ruling coalition MPs focused on opposition MP and former presidential candidate retired general Zdravko Ponos who said that the current regime is trying to split the Serbs and that the regime committed election fraud.

Brnabic responded saying that only the opposition and “Pristina’s lobbyists” talked about election fraud.

Parliament is due to reconvene on Tuesday morning.

(Al Jazeera Balkans, 19.03.2024)


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