Brnabic: NALED has done valuable work for Serbia in last 10 years

The National Alliance for Local Economic Development of Serbia (NALED) marked its 10t anniversary. On the occasion, the Minister of State Administration and Local Self-Government, Ana Brnabic said that, in the future, she expected NALED to be the biggest critic of the Serbian government.

“We expect NALED to propose concrete solutions too”, the Minister said at the official gathering organized by the Alliance in Belgrade.

Brnabic, who is also the former Chairwoman of NALED’s Managing Board, said that the last two years were the turning point for NALED because the organization “was welcomed by the Serbian government and the National Parliament like never before”.

“We saw willingness to fight grey economy and to improve Serbia’s ranking on the Doing Business list”, she added.

According to her, one of the Ministry of State Administration’s priorities will be introducing e-governance that will greatly benefit both businesses and citizens.

Brnabic also announced the establishment of the Public Administration Academy and added that she expected Serbia to improve its position on this year’s Doing Business List. She went on to say that the Serbian government would continue working on boosting competitiveness and fighting grey economy.

Serbian Minister of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Branislav Nedimovic talked about the importance of e-governance which should also help with reforming the Serbian agricultural sector.

“NALED is, by far, the best partner the Serbian government can have”, he underlined.

According to the U.S. Ambassador to Serbia, Mr. Kyle Scott, NALED had proven itself to be a good partner to the Serbian government and Serbian people.

“The fight against corruption is still not finished and grey economy also needs to be defeated”, Mr. Scott said and added that the U.S. Embassy had been strongly supporting NALED since its inception ten years ago.

Brnabic also pointed out that the Ministry of State Administration would cooperate with the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SKGO) on devising a decentralization strategy because certain competencies that had been transferred to local government, like education and healthcare, failed to yield results.

She added that, since 2014, Serbia has improved its ranking on the global e-governance list and that it currently occupies the 39th place. “We made the biggest progress in the category of e-participation, i.e. civil and business participation in drafting laws and bylaws where we jumped from the 81st to 17th place”, Brnabic concluded.

The celebration of NALED’s jubilee was also attended by many Serbian ministers, business people and representatives of the diplomatic corps.

(Novi Magazin, 07.09.2016)

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