Brnabic: Minimum wage will go up

Serbian PM, Ana Brnabic has confirmed that the minimum wage will go up, but is not able to tell how much exactly.

“I can say with certainty that the minimum wage will go up, but we are also contemplating what to do with other wage aspects, i.e. whether to increase the non-taxable part of salaries, or how can we, as the government, do more for workers and trade unions while not increasing the burden on employers because we rely on them for new jobs”, Brnabic said at a press conference.

Brnabic also said that the new minimum wage will be revealed soon after 15th September, because the relevant stakeholders are still negotiating about it. She does confirm that the negotiations are going well, although there is a significant gap between what trade unions want and what employers are able to offer. The government here, Brnabic says, serves as a mediator in finding a mutually acceptable solution.

Commenting on the Geneva Tribunal ruling for RTB Bor to pay $40 million to the Greek company, Mytilineos, Brnabic says that, although that is certainly a negative development, it will not drastically affect the state budget.

Even if the settlement has to be paid, Brnabic said that, due to the fact that there is budget surplus, there will be enough money to pay it, albeit at an expense of a project or two that were envisaged to be funded from the state budget.

(Politika, 31.08.2017)

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