Brnabic: “Kosovo is most important topic, government reshuffle can wait”

Serbia’s PM, Ana Brnabic said today that Kosovo was the most important topic at the moment and that the government reshuffle could wait.

In her interview for TV Pink, the Prime Minister said that the reshuffle was a burning topic a while ago, adding that, in the meantime, serious incidents have happened in Kosovo and Metohija, requiring government’s attention.

“It has become apparent that our unity and the support for President Vucic in find a solution for the normalization of the relations with Pristina have become the priority. So, government reshuffle had to take a back seat to that”, Brnabic added.

Asked about the disagreements in the government, she pointed that the disagreements were no bigger or more frequent than in any other team of people. She also underlined that the government was at the service of people, and that it wasn’t necessary to trouble the citizens by talking about those disagreements.

Brnabic said that, at the moment, the government has been dealing with three extremely important issues so energy should not be wasted on something else.

Speaking about the forthcoming Western Balkan Summit in Sofia, Brnabic said that the EU was and must be status neutral, reminding that there were five member states that did not recognize the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo. “Kosovo cannot participate in the Summit as an equal partner”, the PM added.

Brnabic also said that Aleksandar Vucic would helm our delegation at the summit, and that she would travel to Sofia on 17th May and attend a conference under the auspices of the Vienna Economic Forum, which is important because of Serbia’s positioning as an economic leader in the region.

In terms of economy, she expects Serbia not only to be the leader in the Western Balkans in terms of attracting foreign investments, but, as the Financial Times pointed out in its article last year, to also become a global leader in received FDI.

(Politika, 10.05.2018)


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