Brnabić: It will be easy for me to write policy statements, the priorities are clear – Kosovo and Metohija and energy

The representative for the composition of the new government Ana Brnabić states that being elected three times for the prime minister is a huge honor and responsibility, and that she expects a new team by the end of September. The issue of Kosovo and Metohija bothers me the most, and the priority of the new Government will also be energy, which is a matter of national security, said the Prime Minister for RTS.

Ana Brnabić will be at the head of the seventeenth Serbian Government since the introduction of multi-party system, which, if elected by the Serbian Parliament, will be her third consecutive mandate, adding that it will be easy for her to write third exposé, because the challenges are clear and the most important task is to preserve peace and stability. One of the main causes of concerns are Kosovo and Metohija, stated Prime Minister.

“The issue of Kosovo and Metohija bothers me the most. President Aleksandar Vučić has taken a large part of the work upon himself. The priority is also energy and energy security and security, which is now a matter of national security,” pointed Brnabić.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the world is on the edge of the third world war and that agreement and compromise have become ugly words and that no one is ready to listen to anyone.

 “I hope for a new Government by the end of September”

Brnabić said that she hopes that by the end of September Serbia will have a new government, which requires a brave team in the first place adding that talks with potential coalition partners are not easy since nothing is taken for granted, which is expected in politics

What outweighed between her and Miloš Vučević is the fact that these are such difficult times, as well as the fact that she knows the Government’s work system well, which is really important in times like this, pointed Prime Minister.

Brnabić stated that this is why they agreed that this Government will last until 2024.

“Ultimately, it is important that you have new energy and new ideas, and what I think is key and good for our country and people is to show that functions are not the most important thing, but the results,” concluded Brnabić.

Who will be the Vice Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Ministers of the Government

When asked if Ivica Dačić will be the vice-prime minister, Brnabić says that she assumes, and that it would be natural and usual, because Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) is the basic coalition partner.

She points out that the deputy prime ministers will undoubtedly be Miloš Vučević and Siniša Mali and that all three will have ministerial functions. Speaking about whether it is true that four ministerial portfolios will belong to the SPS, Brnabić said that she cannot speak like that because it is rather about who, what and where can contribute, than about simple numbers.

“We have some ideas on how the Government could be even more efficient and how the portfolios could be divided, but it will certainly be seen much before the deadline set by the Constitution,” said Brnabić. Talking about the support she expects in the Parliament for the new Government, Brnabić highlighted that she expects a “safe, stable majority”.

“The new Government will be a Government of continuity”

Brnabić points out that the new Government will be a Government of continuity adding that Serbia has started to change in an incredible way since 2014, and since then it has been a policy of continuity – fiscal responsibility, economic stability constantly improved investment environment, means a constant increase in salaries and pensions.

The Prime Minister indicated that the Government will insist on the completion of many infrastructure projects.

“Road and railway infrastructures, but also the environment in terms of the most practical things -– sewage networks, waste water treatment plants, regional landfills, but we also have some other things – to build digital roads through every village, to prevent internal migration”, underlined Brnabić.

She said that additional investment in modern technologies is important, and the next focus is the development of artificial intelligence, biotechnology and biomedicine.

“These are things that we have to continue despite all the challenges, but as I said, the biggest focus is peace, stability, Kosovo, and energy,” emphasized Brnabić.

“We have a very complex situation in Kosovo and Metohija”

When asked why is the period of instability ahead of Serbia from the first of September, Brnabić said that “we have a very complex situation in Kosovo, but that the president managed to make a good agreement within the limits of what is possible when it comes to identity cards”.

She points out that this is within the framework of the agreement which was signed in 2011.

“President Vučić managed to make it all the same, and we only have a big disclaimer that says that this does not imply the recognition of the so-called Republic of Kosovo and the question of the Republic of Serbia on the territory of the Republic of Kosovo is not raised and that this is in accordance with UN Resolution 1244,” stated Brnabić.

The Prime Minister points out that this means great security and a sense of belonging for Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija adding that the issue of plates has not yet been resolved.

“We did not agree on anything regarding the plates, Aljbin Kurti is not ready for any compromise, we proposed certain solutions, status-neutral plates, he did not want to accept it and the negotiations are still ongoing,” she stated adding that Kurti is ready for anything and that he doesn’t want peace because instability serves him as an alibi to cover other problems that he can’t solve

Brnabić indicated that Pristina will start implementing it on September 1. Additionally, the Prime Minister states that there are constant electricity restrictions in Kosovo and Metohija every day, and that they are unable to provide electricity, and it is only August.

Brnabić appealed for national unity and responsible attitude towards the country since these are the key issues in such difficult times.

About Europride: Whatever I say will not be good

 Speaking about Europride and the fact that the organizers say that they will still walk, Brnabić says that whatever she says about it, will not be good.

“What the organizers of Pride say is in the accordance with the Constitution, but it’s another question what consequences it has for our country – us telling them not to walk is more of a request than you can ban anything” stressed Brnabić adding that it is about what is possible at the moment and how country keeps its safety and security.

“The government appealed and I’m sorry that it is so, because if you have something that is a right guaranteed by the Constitution, it must be guaranteed, but everything happened to us this September,”  underlined Brnabić saying that there are many foreign factors that will be happy “that we will be torn apart”.

“This is not really about restricting the rights guaranteed by the Constitution for someone. We don’t want to, we have shown that for so many years – it is about what we, as a state, can and cannot do,” said Brnabić.

She also appeals to opponents of Europride – “Let us think about our country and how we can make it easier for it, because no one else from the side will do it. On the contrary, everyone will make it as difficult as they can,” concluded Brnabić.


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