Brnabic: Higher birth rate, salaries and pensions

“We have excellent economic indicators and increase in salaries and pensions is absolutely realistic this year”, Serbian Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic told RTS last night.

Brnabic expects GDP growth to be 3.5% and states that higher economic growth, salary and pension increases will also be stipulated in the new “guardian” programme, to be concluded with the IMF. She adds that the next meeting between the Serbian delegation and the IMF delegation from 20th to 22nd April, in Washington D.C.

When asked how long would the new agreement be valid for, the PM said that she was hoping for three years, but that remained to be seen. She also said that the new arrangement with the IMF had a more of an advisory character, and exercised less control.

Brnabić underlined that the main goals of the new programme had already been agreed with the IMF. They are higher economic growth, higher salaries and higher income for the citizens of Serbia.

“I think that it is absolutely realistic to expect higher salaries and pensions this year. At this moment, we have excellent indicators and the GDP growth of 4.2% in January. I expect the data for February to be compiled soon. Additionally, we have a budget surplus, public debt is still falling, and it currently stands at slightly over 57%”, she said.

Brnabic also mentioned the pro-birth rate measures to be implemented by the government such as measures financial support to parents, the e-baby project that eliminates administrative barriers for parents, and employers being more in tune with parenting requirements.

“There will also be prizes for companies that provide the best treatment to their employees that are also parents”, Brnabic announced.

 (Blic, 18.03.2018)


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