Brnabic: “Government will soon erase Rio Tinto’s project in Serbia’s Spatial Plan”

The Serbian government will soon erase the project Rio Tinto’s ‘Jadar Project’ “from the country’s national spatial plan”, Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said on Monday.

„We still have to consult the President (Aleksandar Vucic),“ Brnabic told reporters in Novi Sad but did not specify when the decision would be made.

She reiterated the government’s argument: „We are not the one with a problem as we did not bring them (Rio Tinto) to Serbia. We did not approve of anything and we don’t have an agreement with them,” She also commented on mass protests and roadblocks across the country over several weekends as a political act that had nothing to do with environmental protection.

Besides the annulment of the Spatial Plan, the environmental activists demand all documents signed with the Anglo-Australian company be published.

Commenting on the results of Sunday’s referendum on constitutional changes related to the judiciary, Brnabic said that it was a “great thing.”

The State Election Commission (RIK) said late on Sunday that just over 30 percent of the electorate turned out for the referendum with a majority voting ‘yes’. However, voters in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš and Kragujevac did not support the changes.

(Danas, 17.01.2021)


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