Brnabic: I expect a dirty election campaign

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic says that she expects a very “dirty campaign” for the election in Belgrade, and announces that she will join the campaign, to the extent that her position of the prime minister allowed her to do so.

“I expect an extremely dirty campaign where everything goes, because we have achieved results that are unquestionable. Since the opposition is unable to attack our policies, they will resort to the most primitive personal insults and lies,” Brnabic says in an interview for the Alo daily.

She adds that Belgrade needs someone who will keep the city open and welcoming, who condemns hate speech, and is to defend its most vulnerable citizens.

Brnabic criticized mayoral candidate Dragan Djilas saying that he verbally attacked the organizers of the Pride Parade on the very day it took place, but also because of his statements about the Christmas tree, the Belgrade Waterfront project, and Bishop Amfilohije.

“Djilas said that he learned from his mistakes, but practice shows otherwise”, the PM adds.

When asked to comment on Bishop Amfilohije’s statement about Aleksandar Vucic practising witchcraft, Brnabic said that the government and the church were to separate entities and that she had no intent to comment on Amfilohije’s statements.

(N1, 18.01.2018)

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