Brnabic: Djilas cannot run Belgrade properly

Serbian PM, Ana Brnabic commented on the former Belgrade mayor, Dragan Djilas running again for the office, and said that Djilas could not run Belgrade properly and that he had already demonstrated that.

„He does not understand the rights of minorities or his legal obligations. He is against the Pride Parade. He is entitled to his personal opinion, but a mayor should cooperate with the relevant state bodies to ensure safety for the Parade’s participants“, Brnabic said in an interview for Nedeljnik weekly.

She added that Djilas told the LGBT community to do whatever they were doing „in the privacy of their own home“ which shows that he „does not represent Belgrade’s free spirit“.

“Now, he has changed his story saying that he had an excellent cooperation with the LGBT community because he helped with the opening of shelters. I think this is insulting. The message here is “if you can’t be who you are in the privacy of your home, I will give you another home to do it in”. This is the same message that he sent to the Roma people”, Ana Brnabic added.

When asked about her opinion about the President of the Free Citizens’ Movement, Sasa Jankovic, the PM said that she was yet to hear from  a serious opinion about the state or national minorities coming from Jankovic.

“The president of the Free Citizens’ Movement says that he prefers Djilas’ honesty over having the Pride Parade. Freedom of movement and human rights are guaranteed by the Serbian Constitution. What happened to exercising an anti-discriminatory policy? Jankovic should change his movement’s title to the Certain Free Citizens’ Movement”, Brnabic went on to say.

She also commented on Vuk Jeremic saying that he advocated the policy of the centre right that was completely opposite of what she stood for. Commenting on the President of the Dveri Movement, Bosko Obradovic, the Prime Minister said that he was not a serious politician.

As for the head of the Serbian Radical Party, Vojislav Seselj, she said that he was a politician that she respected because “you always know where you stand with him”.

(Beta, 28.12.2017)


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