Brnabic agrees to the opposition’s election proposals, but not for Belgrade election

Parliament Speaker Ana Brnabic confirmed that she had agreed to all the proposals made by the opposition except the demand to hold all local elections on the same day.

In a written statement, she said that she did not agree to re-schedule the Belgrade election claiming that would violate the country’s Constitution. Brnabic called for a new meeting with opposition parties on Wednesday.

Brnabic added that the opposition and civil society organizations proposed ways to implement ODIHR recommendations efficiently, transparently and inclusively as well as the activities of a commission to review the voter registry.

According to her, the opposition and NGOs proposed forming a parliamentary working body or commission to monitor the implementation of ODIHR recommendations and draft necessary laws, including amendments to relevant laws on residence which would not allow voters who have not been registered at a certain address for more than 12 months to vote at the polling station in their new place of residence, stop to election campaign for the June 2 Belgrade elections, re-scheduling local elections for a date in September or October and forming a commission to review the voter registry.

Brnabic went on to say that all parliamentary caucuses agree in principle that the ODIHR recommendations should be implemented, while expressing some reservations about individual recommendations. She added that she agrees to the waiting period for voters who change residence but said that a decision about the duration of that period should be taken in line with best international practices and recommendations by relevant institutions such as the Venice Commission.

She expressed readiness to discuss a re-scheduling of local elections except for the Belgrade elections.

Brnabic also believes that the proposed working bodies and commissions will be formed soon.

(Danas, 15.04.2024)

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