Brnabic: “1,000 Fiat workers to go abroad, 500 to stay in Kragujevac factory, 500 to be laid off”

Five hundred Fiat’s workers will be laid off redundant, said Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, but she announced that the Serbian government would fight to get them the best possible severance pay and help them find a new job.

She told Pink TV that Stellantis, which will produce electric cars in Kragujevac from the end of 2024, will need 1,550 workers, and Fiat currently employs 2,016.

“We are making sure that the laid-off workers will get the best possible severance pay, which will be higher than the legal minimum. I think that is already arranged. They asked for even higher severance pay and we are really fighting to secure the best possible conditions for them,” Brnabic said.

She also underlined that out of the 1,550 workers that the factory would need in the future, 500 would remain to work in Kragujevac during the transition period, which would last from 18 to 24 months, and they will receive full salaries and that vulnerable groups, such as pregnant women, women with little children and the disabled, would continue working at the Kragujevac factory.

“1,000 people who need to re-qualify and be trained abroad. Now the biggest fight is to secure the best possible conditions for them,” the PM said, noting that it was agreed that they would have a guaranteed job at the Stellantis factory upon their return from abroad.

(Bizlife, 06.06.2022)





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