British Aptiv hiring new workers amidst scandal of forcing employees to work 12-hour-shifts

The British company Aptiv is looking for new workers for its Niš factory and is distributing leaflets stating, among other things, that employees are offered ‘a good atmosphere at work’. The same company has been mentioned in recent days because its workers in the Leskovac plant rebelled against the long working hours.

For those who decide to work in the Leskovac plant, Aptiv offers ‘transport to work, training before starting the job, the opportunity to implement their ideas, work and career in a world-renowned company, as well as the opportunity for personal development and a contract concluded directly with the employer’.

Other benefits include “the company canteen, a doctor’s surgery available to workers and Christmas presents for children and employees”. The requirements for employment are willingness to work in 3 shifts and propensity for teamwork.

Aptiv in Leskovac employs about 4,000 people, but according to the trade union representatives of that factory, about 900 employees are on sick leave. Workers at the same factory have had to work 12 hours a day for a fortnight in recent days, with some of them fainting and being taken to hospital after their shifts due to exhaustion.

According to the latest allegations, Aptiv has reduced working hours to eight, seven days a week, causing further dissatisfaction among employees. A company manager is reported to have said that employees are not forced to work seven days a week, but are given this opportunity to earn more money.

The British company produces electrical and electronic equipment for vehicles and has plants in Leskovac and Novi Sad.

(, 06.07.2021)

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