Breaking news – six months after the elections the new Serbian government is formed

President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić has announced new government ministers. This is the fourth consecutive government led by Ana Brnabić.

The exclusion of Zorana Mihajlović from the list of new ministers, who was first the minister of construction and then the minister of construction and infrastructure for nearly a decade, a long-standing opponent of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) and held in high esteem by the United States, comes as a huge surprise. The outgoing agriculture minister and former deputy prime minister Branislav Nedimović, the outgoing trade and telecommunications minister Tatjana Matić, the economy minister Andjelka Atanasković, the health minister Zlatibor Lončar (who was in that position for almost a decade), as well as the sports and youth minister Vanja Udovičić (also, a government member for ten years) will not be re-appointed either.

The outgoing defence minister Nebojsa Stefanovic will no longer be a government minister, which is a foregone conclusion considering his heated clashes with Vučić over the investigation into the Veljko Belivuk criminal gang.

Below is the list of new ministers:

Ana Brnabić, Prime Minister

Ivica Dačić, Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister

Miloš Vučević, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence

Siniša Mali, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance

Tomislav Momirović, Minister of Internal and External Trade

Rade Basta, Minister of Economy

Jelena Tanasković, Minister of Agriculture, Forest and River Resources

Irena Vujović, Minister of the Environment

Goran Vesić, Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure

Dubravka Negre, Minister of Mining and Energy

Maja Popović, Minister of Justice

Aleksandar Martinović, Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government

Tomislav Žigmanov, Minister of Minority and Civil Rights and Social Dialogue

Bratislav Gašić, Minister of the Interior

Tanja Miščević, Minister of European Integration

Branko Ružić, Minister of Education

Jelena Begović, Minister of Science, Innovation and Technological Development

Danica Grujičić, Minister of Health

Nikola Selaković, Minister of Labour, Veteran and Social Issues

Darja Kisić, Minister of Family and Demographics

Husein Memić, Minister of Tourism and Youth

Zoran Gajić, Minister of Sports

Maja Gojković, Minister of Culture

Milan Krkobabić, Minister for Rural Care

(Večernje Novosti, 23.10.2022)

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