BREAKING NEWS: 14-year-old kills eight students, a teacher and security guard at a Belgrade school


All schools in Belgrade will be temporarily shut down today. The media are reporting that, in addition to the history teacher and a security guard, seven girls and one boy have been killed in a massacre – S. N. (2009), B. A. (2011), A. B. (2011), A. D. ( 2009), K. M. (2010), M. A. (2009), E. K. (2009) and A. Č. (2009).

At the press conference, the deputy head of the Belgrade police, Veselin Milic, said that the shooter had planned out the shooting at least a month in advance and that a school building plan, with marked entrances and exits, was found in his home. Apart from taking his father’s gun, he also made four Molotov cocktails and took them with him to school.

The Ministry of Education has hired a team of psychologists to be at help to the school’s students and their parents.

The motive of the shooting still hasn’t been disclosed.


A teenager opened fire this morning in the Vladislav Ribnikar elementary school in central Belgrade killing eight students, a history teacher and a security guard who tried to stop the massacre. 

K.K. (age 14), a pupil of Vladislav Ribnikar Elementary, took his father’s gun, entered the school around 8:00 am and first shot his history teacher along with several students in the history class.

The boy was arrested in the schoolyard, police said, adding that he used his father’s gun in the incident.

Officers said they received a call about the shooting at around 8.40 am local time.

Local media footage from the scene showed a commotion outside the school as police removed the suspect, whose head was covered as officers led him to a car parked in the street.

Milan Milosevic, the father of one of the pupils at the Vladislav Ribnikar elementary school in the Serbian capital, said his daughter was in the class where the gun was fired.

“She managed to escape. (The boy) …first shot the teacher and then he started shooting randomly,” Milosevic told broadcaster N1.

Seven students have been operated on and are in stable condition, while one girl is in critical condition.

According to the interviewed students, K.K. was an exemplary student with excellent grades. Students also say that he was quiet and reserved.

The motive for the shooting is still being investigated.

(N1, Nova, 03.05.2023)

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