Brankov Most: Reconstruction to be finished in two months

The reconstruction of the Branko Bridge (Brankov Most) will be finished in two and a half months the latest – says Belgrade Mayor, Sinisa Mali.

He adds that the right side of the bridge was in a catastrophic condition. “When we scratched the surface, so to speak, we noticed that the right side was in a horrendous state, and we certainly didn’t want to take people’s safety lightly”, the mayor says.

“This is the reason why the reconstruction is going to last a little bit longer than originally anticipated”, he outlines. The mayor also appeals to citizens to be patient until the works are completed.

Once reconstructed, the bridge will be safe for all traffic participants and they will be able to use it for decades to come – Mali says.

The mayor also talked about the future subway and said that, as an integrated transport system, the subway fitted perfectly into the Strategy for Belgrade’s Development which covers the period until the year 2033.

To remind, Serbian government signed an agreement on constructing a subway with several French companies in 2011, while the Belgrade government undertook to carry out preparatory works for the implementation of this project. Some of the things that needed to be done, prior to building the subway, were to count the number of people using public transport in Belgrade, optimize public transport, adopt the master spatial plan and the city traffic plan, and devise the so-called smart plan covering the projection of Belgrade’s growth and development.

The mayor confirms that all of the aforementioned activities have been completed.

(, 17.08.2017)


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