Branislav Lecic to run for president of Democratic Party

Branislav Lecic, who is the head of a faction within the Democratic Party (DS), has confirmed that he accepted the candidacy for the party president because the reforms in Serbia have stopped and that the DS again feels “a strong connection with the foundation” of that party.

“It is absolutely clear that the reforms in Serbia have stopped, that the country is standing still, and that we are actually going backwards. And it shows. We have a retro government, kitsch culture, a society in which dialogue has been abolished and a bad attitude towards the future, ” Lecic said for the Blic daily.

Lecic, who is the only candidate in the elections for the party president organized by a DS faction on September 26, is opposed to the official leadership of the DS. He underlines that the party is ready “to take responsibility for the future of Serbia”.

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The current president of the DS, Zoran Lutovac, who will not run for president on September 26 as he considers the entire procedure “false”, told Blic that the party leadership and membership are focused on the fight against the government led by the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and on the party’s internal reforms.

“The reforms in the party cannot be stopped by a small number of individuals concerned about their own positions, no matter how loud they are. The DS exists because of the citizens, not former and current officials,” Lutovac noted.

(Danas, 20.08.2020)


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